CrimethInc. heArt and Film Festival / Olympia, WA / Dec. 12-15


Essentially a do-it-yourself anarchist convergence disguised as an alternative film festival at the historic Capitol Theatre and surrounding buildings, this weekend will be an opportunity for people to come together to entertain, learn from, and organize with each other. We’ll be showing mainstream movies (of potentially subversive content) to attract people from all walks of life; in addition, there will be skillshares, underground documentaries, and an anarchist bookfair, among other things. Saturday the 14th will be a totally free day: free movies, free food and groceries, free professional massages in the lobby — a tiny demonstration of what a free society might look like.

The mainstream movies (showing Friday the 13th through Sunday the 15th) will include Brazil, The Thin Red Line, The Gleaners and I (a French documentary about dumpster-diving), Natural Born Killers and Fight Club (inevitably), and — on the free day — Malcolm X, Dead Poet’s Society, Three Kings (A Hollywood action movie that takes a surprisingly critical stance on the war with Iraq), and Box of Moonlight. Skillshares will range from direct action tactics to Irish folk dancing to seditious graphic design (ahem). We’re counting on you to put together your own plans with your affinity groups to multiply the possibilities of this weekend. More details forthcoming, but now you know.

A new book, In Search of the World, has been published by a CrimethInc. affiliated cell, Ivory Bell, here is more info.

A quick FFOL update: We have sent out about 200,000 copies in 1,500 packages and the PDF has been downloaded about 31,000 times, and here is another desperate plea for donations.

Once we finally recover from Halloween, another huge update will be here at the end of the month — a new free zine, a new essay, and many spectacular revelations.