Umlaut CD Released, Reports from Summer Adventures, Spectacle/Requiem Tour Dates Online


At long last, after a full three years of setbacks and catastrophes, we have released the complete discography of recordings by the fastest, fiercest, most feral, and most Finnish band in the history of destructive anarchist blastbeat punk, Ümlaut. This unauthorized bootleg discography features all 38 of their recorded songs, still clocking in at under half an hour, and includes an 80-page book collecting lyrics, incendiary liner notes, absurdist interviews, words to unrecorded songs, apocryphal comic book illustrations, and other nonsense and debauchery. From their inaccessible, hyperspeed aesthetics to their nihilistic, quasi-terrorist politics, this is not a record you should leave out for your parents or children to stumble across. Oh ye of little faith, download a song or three to find out just how little we’re joking.

As the smoke from the enormous burning dragon puppet clears and felony charges are reduced to misdemeanors, the massive protests in New York City are settling into perspective as evidence that the direct action movement in the US didn’t die three years ago. For a report from the most radical contingent in the march of half a million people on August 29, proceed to To obtain bulk copies of the latest paper published by the Don’t Just Vote underground, It’s Not Bush, It’s the System, email or mail a postage donation to Don’t Just Vote Mailroom, P.O. Box 2133, Greensboro, NC 27402. For a report on the CrimethInc. convergence in Des Moines, Iowa the week before the demonstrations in New York City, proceed here.

Finally, the Requiem and The Spectacle tour of the eastern USA is practically booked for October and November. Proceed here for dates and locations, and email for more information or to offer assistance.