Free Direct Action Primer Now Available


We’ve just returned from the printer with 20,000 copies of our latest free newspaper, A Civilian’s Guide to Direct Action: What It Is, What It’s Good For, How It Works. This step-by-step guide covers every stage in direct action organizing from brainstorming to post-action legal support. It is a perfect companion piece for our anarchist cookbook, Recipes for Disaster, in that it offers a general framework for applying the specific skills detailed in that book. Whether you’re engaging in civil disobedience, anticipating in a mass mobilization, or carrying out hard-core sabotage, this can serve as a checklist from the beginning to the end. The paper also includes refutations of all the clichés that regularly trotted out by those who oppose direct action.

This newspaper comes free in every order from CrimethInc. Far East, and is also available in bulk for less than the cost of printing and postage. Two bundles of it have been added to the Literature Distro Kit without the cost of the latter increasing one penny, and a pdf is available here for downloading. Please join us in this educational campaign to keep direct action as safe, effective, and popular as possible.