Actions Against the June G8 & G20 Meetings

In addition to supplying the below video, our friends Test Their Logik have written in with a note about the planned resistance to the upcoming G8 and G20 meetings which will take place in Huntsville and Toronto, Ontario, from June 25-27:

Toronto-based organizations of women, people of colour, indigenous peoples, the poor, working class, queer people, trans people, and disabled people are organizing an anti-capitalist and anti-colonial convergence to counter these fuckers. We in Southern Ontario Anarchist Resistance are calling on our friends and lovers, our comrades and co-conspirators, to join us in creating the most militant resistance that the city of Toronto has ever seen. The bankers and politicians who claim to run our world will not be allowed to run our town. In defiance of the largest military operation to take place on Kanadian soil in living memory, people are organizing everything from street parties to occupations, massive demonstrations to autonomous and targeted attacks.

The Toronto Community Mobilization Network is the network of the different communities, organizations, and individuals that are organizing the varying responses to the militarization of this city and to the systems of oppression and domination that a meeting of world “leaders” represents. The objective is to use the opportunity of the G8 and G20 summits to highlight and strengthen the diverse movements for social justice that already exist in the Toronto area. The full schedule of the events is available here. The TCMN, and all of its constituents, have agreed to respect a diversity of tactics as part of their statement of solidarity and respect.

Southern Ontario Anarchist Resistance is one of the groups plugged into the TCMN. This is what we’re planning.

GET OFF THE FENCE On June 26th, when the permitted “People First” march turns towards the protest pen, we invite you to go beyond the tired symbolism of parades and beyond the will of politicians. When that march turns back, we invite you all to continue on with us to actually confront the G20 summit and the security apparatus occupying our city. This is a militant march where many forms of resistance and tactics are welcomed and respected. In the streets we will be uncontrollable. For more information, contact

SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER A roving dance party with radical MCs, guerilla DJs, and underground bands from late on Saturday night ‘til dawn Sunday morning. Let’s take the streets back from the developers, the pigs, and the forces of capital. As of writing, some of the confirmed acts include Test Their Logik, the Rebel Spell, Caballo & the Mothafu Kings, and Lee Reed (formerly of warsawpack). Wear your fiercest clothes and be prepared for some heat. It’s Emma Goldman’s 141st birthday, so fuck the clubs - there’s no cover but your mask.

AUTONOMOUS DAY OF ACTION Affinity groups are organizing a diverse and decentralized day of actions against capital and state forces. As the ‘leaders’ of the G20 nations make their final deliberations, let’s demonstrate the diversity of our discontent. Disrupt the summit, disrupt business as usual, do whatever you want - but start planning now. We are encouraging folks to plan their own actions and attacks, but if people want to plug into coordinated efforts, they can contact

Some other awesome events in which anarchists will be participating include a march, rally, block party, and tent city on June 25 and the prison abolition demo; Fire Works for Prisons, on June 27.

Summits like these are opportunities to smash the spectacle and resist the narratives that our enemies try to force down our throats. If you can make it to Toronto, we will greet you as an ally and appreciate your help in making the end of June something that future anarchists can look back on and be inspired by. We’ll see you in the streets!